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What is Weak Chain?

An intellectual playing super show, this program was thought out in Great Britain. The real name of "Weak Chain" is "The Weakest Link". Currently "The Weakest Link" airs on BBC Worldwide, leading the international broadcasting. Probable secret of such popularity is that the contestants must be able not only to win, but to lose before millions of viewers' eyes.
The game consists of 8 rounds, 9 contestants participating. The contestants meet each other only a half an hour before the game starts. During the first round the team is asked questions, earning money for right answers. Before the second round the contestants consult about who is the weakest link. The weakest player leaves the game, being put down by the host instead of any prize. Continuing on the same lines, the two remaining contestants compete each other after the seventh round. And the only one person, the winner, can take the money earned by the team in the beginning of the game. The prize worth is usually 300 thousand of roubles.
This game was designed not only for erudite persons. If one wants to win in it, he must be a very good psychologist and strategist, only in that case he can win over the host and the other team members. The game points the contestants' analytical gifts and their ability to find the solution. The winning person can play in a team, keeping in mind he's playing with his enemies at the time. This hot-tempered intellectual game presents the most modern TV format now.

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