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March 1, 2006

Anniversary of MagyPath!

Dedicated to the anniversary of MagyPath, Magy Inc. is going to announce a one day 50% sale on all versions of MagyPath on the 4th of March.

December 18, 2005


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December 3, 2005

Holiday Sale!!!

Get MagyPath for both Pocket PC and Smartphone for 30% OFF!!!

Products > Pocket PC > MagyPath v1.2
Products > MS Smartphone > MagyPath v1.2

October 16, 2005

MagyPath now for MS SMARTPHONE!


Today Magy announced the release of MagyPath v1.2 for MS Smartphone. For more information about the game click here.

You can also download the trial version of the game from the downloads section or buy it from here.

August 31, 2005

Back to School OFFER!!! - EXPIRED!!

Hurry up to get your copy of MagyPath for 30% OFF!!! ONLY ONE DAY!

Click here to purchase MagyPath v1.2 for ONLY $10.02.

June 1, 2005


Great 15 happy owners of MagyPath: Nuno Fernandes, Kris Springer, Robin West, Calvin Tan, Andreas Engvall, David Horn, Artur Shlifer, Matt Gifford, Joshua Gee, Fred Heinemann, Cameron Williams, Jorge Ledesma, Tim Burrows, Monica Terrance and Scott Holland. We want to thank everybody, who participated in this contest. Stay with us and participate in the future contests and tournaments. Good luck!

May 14, 2005

Become one of the happy winners of MagyPath!

Do you want to win a completely FREE copy of MagyPath? Submit a form with your details until the 1st of June, 2005 and be the happy winner of MagyPath! More information can be found at MagyPath's official website at http://www.magypath.com.

May 13, 2005

Launch of the official MagyPath's website

Today Magy launched the official website of its Pocket PC game: MagyPath. Here you will be able to find everything about the game, read its documentation, download the newest versions of the game, compete in the tournaments, submit scores, ask for support, discuss different question about the game, earn bonus points and much more.

April 8, 2005

MagyPath v1.2

Today Magy released the upgrade for the brand new board/logic game MagyPath. There are some differences in the new version of the game. The first and the main difference is the new feature: the life square. In the previous version of the game every passage to a new level added a new life to you. But now you can also earn lives during the game. If during the game you see a glowing green square then it is a life. By stepping on that square your quantity of lives will increase by one.
Also some bugs were fixed and some minor changes were made to the game. more...

February 7, 2005

Magy introduces the first game for PPC - MagyPath

Today Magy introduced the first game developed for Microsoft® Windows® Mobile powered PDAs. This is a brand new logic game named MagyPath. When you first run the game the first mapping of the green, yellow, red and cyan squares is displayed on the playing area. You start from the bottom row and climb to the top row stepping on the green squares adjacent to the current square. If there are no green squares, you can step on the yellow ones, but in this case the quantity of your lives will decrease by one. Stepping on the red and cyan squares is not allowed. more...

January 29, 2005

Magy launches new product line for Pocket PC

Today Magy, Inc. launched a new product line for Pocket PC. In the nearest future Magy plans to develop some Pocket PC games, some of which will be distributed free of charge. The president of Magy, Inc. Ruben Vardanyan said that they had already developed a tremendous Pocket PC game, which, as he says, would be available very soon.

April 7, 2004

New versions of MagySecure and MagyScript

A new versions of MagySecure and MagyScript are now available. The technology of securing files in MagySecure 2004 was enhanced and was made more powerful. Now it is also possible to compress and protect files. This will not only help you to protect, but also to save space. It is also possible to view multiple files with a single password. Also many bugs were fixed.
MagyScript 2004 is nearly the same version as MagyScript 2003. More than 49 errors were fixed. The following list is the list of most know errors which have been already fixed:

  1. Some created keys are not recognized by the "Key Registration Wizard" (Options>Register Keys). It informs that the password is incorrect.
  2. Some registered keys are not shown in "Coding" window.
  3. Sometimes there are problems using "Save As Picture" function.
  4. The keys in range of 44585 to 44589 are not being created.
  5. Sometimes "Publish for E-mail" function doesn't work. If closes the program when the command is being executed.
  6. Some messages are not sent by MagySMTP

March 20, 2004


Magy, Inc. if developing a new technology named MagyBasic. This is a new rapid application development programming language for professionals and amateurs, which is build on Microsoft® Visual Basic technology. The programming language is very simple, like English, thats why the person who knows nothing about programming can use it and create his or her own applications without making any afford. All you must do is to express your program in words. For example if you have a text box and a button and want the program to write "hello" in the text box when the button is clicked, you must write the following code: Type In TextBox1 "hello" or Type In TextBox1 The Following: "hello". You can write the same program in different ways as was shown in the previous example. MagyBasic is supplied with large variety of functions, methods and events, which can be used very easily. It also has a form designer, which is used to design the forms of your application, a lot of helping wizards, with which the user is able to add events, methods and available parts of source code. There are also available many project and form templates which are very useful and can be the base of the user's program.
As MagyBasic was built on Microsoft® Visual Basic technology, it is also available to insert Visual Basic source code into the program by putting it between Go Visual Basic and Stop Visual Basic lines and also to output the program in Visual Basic 6 format.


December 2, 2003

Release of intergrated graphics tool - MagyX

MagyX is built on Microsoft® DirectX technology and is designed to create 3D games or programs, as with Microsoft® DirectX, but much faster and easier. MagyX provides you all the functions and methods, which provides Microsoft® DirectX. With this new technology you can create a simple 3D game much faster and easier and also reduce the number of written source code.
    MagyX also provides you with a large variety of new functions, which would take you weeks to write them with Microsoft®. DirectX. For example for creating a simple 3D shooter game you will just need to call some MagyX functions for initializing Direct3D, creating the entity and landscape.
    MagyX can be used with almost all development environments.

October 2, 2003

MagyScript 2003

MagyScript 2003 is a new version of MagyScript, but this time with a lot of new features. Some of those features are "Publish for e-mail" action, which is used to send a protected mail, "Save As Picture" action, which saves the document as picture in "bmp" format. But the greatest advantage is that the technology of encryption has changed. Now it's more powerful than it was. Now you can create a high security level keys with 128 bit encryption. By encrypting data with these keys you can be sure that your data is safe.


August 14, 2003

Weak Chain II on sale!

Weak Chain II is much better than its previous version. This time you have aim. When you win the game, your name is placed in the "Hall Of Fame". If your team is weak and you win, then you get 1-2 points. If the team is very clever, then you get 4-5 points. So your aim is to collect as many points as possible. Computer will tell your qualification in the "Hall of Fame". So if you have less than 4 points, then you are "Beginner", if 5-8 points, then you are "Novice" and so on. When you become "Master", you are invited to participate in the Masters Championship. If you win it, you become "Champion of the month" and your name and picture is placed in Weak Chain's official website at http://weakchain.emagy.com.
    The other and the most important thing, which have changed here is the graphic. Now the quality of the game is very high with a lot of new animations.



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