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MagyBasic is a new rapid application development programming language for professionals and amateurs, which is build on Microsoft® Visual Basic technology. The programming language is very simple, like English, thats why the person who knows nothing about programming can use it and create his or her own applications without making any afford. All you must do is to express your program in words. For example if you have a text box and a button and want the program to write "hello" in the text box when the button is clicked, you must write the following code: Type In TextBox1 "hello" or Type In TextBox1 The Following: "hello". You can write the same program in different ways as was shown in the previous example. MagyBasic is supplied with large variety of functions, methods and events, which can be used very easily. It also has a form designer, which is used to design the forms of your application, a lot of helping wizards, with which the user is able to add events, methods and available parts of source code. There are also available many project and form templates which are very useful and can be the base of the user's program.
As MagyBasic was built on Microsoft® Visual Basic technology, it is also available to insert Visual Basic source code into the program by putting it between Go Visual Basic and Stop Visual Basic lines and also to output the program in Visual Basic 6 format.


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