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Weak Chain II

Weak Chain II is much better than its previous version. This time you have aim. When you win the game, your name is placed in the "Hall Of Fame". If your team is weak and you win, then you get 1-2 points. If the team is very clever, then you get 4-5 points. So your aim is to collect as many points as possible. Computer will tell your qualification in the "Hall of Fame". So if you have less than 4 points, then you are "Beginner", if 5-8 points, then you are "Novice" and so on. When you become "Master", you are invited to participate in the Masters Championship. If you win it, you become "Champion of the month" and your name and picture is placed in Weak Chain's official website at http://weakchain.emagy.com.
    The other and the most important thing, which have changed here is the graphic. Now the quality of the game is very high with a lot of new animations.

Weak Chain Weak Chain Weak Chain

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